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Bike-rental investment.
reg no. 10556397

Official registration and business transparency strengthen investor confidence and create favorable conditions for cooperation.
Company activity is based on bike rental business, which is currently demonstrating high rates of growth and liquidity.
Taking into account characteristics of mentality and perception of environmental problems, Holland is one of the most profitable markets of rental business in Western Europe. This fact creates the most favorable conditions for profitable investments into bike-rental business promoted on the market of this country by our company.

Bike-rental investment.
reg no. 10556397

Nowadays accuracy of solutions and high growth rate make Bikefor.me one of the most interesting objects of online investing.
Bikefor.me has implemented online investing, positioning such investing method as a reliable alternative to the majority of off-line ways of funds placement under conditions of total anonymity.
In addition, proper asset management strategy and constant monitoring of bike rental business in the country of capital placement, actively and effectively counteract the subsidence and distortions of investment profitability as our business does not depend on stock market indices.

Bike-rental investment.
reg no. 10556397

Our mission is to provide a wide range of opportunities to investors for online earning, as well as to protect the environment reducing the level of harmful emissions polluting the atmosphere. As the more people will use bike as a vehicle, the less harmful emissions there will be emitted into the atmosphere. Thus, working in bike rental business, Bikefor.me takes an active part in solving of global environmental problems remaining a commercial organization, whose actions are totally focused on profit generation.

Bike-rental investment.
reg no. 10556397

Customer focus of Bikefor.me and fast return on investments make our investment offer rather profitable and competitive.
Our experience in this business and personnel competence are the basis of our stability and overall well-being.
Control over the rental process and provision of a wide range of related services create additional advantages for those investors, who are ready to become our customers. Reliability, uncompromising and constant readiness for new solutions to any issues are the factors, which strongly count in favor of Bikefor.me.

Our bike park

Unique bike-transformer –TAGA

Every day is an adventure with your child. Every moment is a memory in the making. Relish the ride with Taga, the most inspiring mode of transportation since the hot air balloon. Taga combines the fun of a bicycle with the functionality of a premium stroller. In all, it`s a beautiful way for you and your baby to experience your world together. Every ride is a joy you share. Unlike in a bike trailer or regular child bike seat, your little one rides right between your arms. Be in the moment on the bike path or in the park, Taga`s 3-wheel carrier bike design lets you ride with confidence. When you get to where you`re going, toggle effortlessly to stroller mode to go shopping or pop in for a latte. Then when it`s time to go, toggle back to a bike. You`ll pedal with the satisfaction of knowing Taga`s good exercise - and good for the environment, too. The world is waiting. Be moved by Taga.

Rental places in Amsterdam

Service for cyclists

Our rental places offer service stations for cyclists

Have a flat tire? Your gears not working properly? Does your bike make ratteling sounds and you don’t know why? Let one of our certified bike mechanics take a look and soon you will be back on the road. We can repair just about anything and we do it in our shops as quickly as possible. We even can rent you one of our bikes while yours is being fixed so it is as convenient as possible.
We also have a large selection of second hand bikes for sale, all checked by our mechanics to make sure they are in perfect condition. If you need to buy a bike drop by and see what we have for you.

  • Adjustment of disks and gear systems
  • Balancing and repair of spoke wheels
  • Pumping of wheels and emergency repair of breakdowns