Business bike-rental advantages

Quick payback period

The average cost of bicycle in Holland is 140-180 euros. One day of hire would cost from 12 to 26 euros. Payback period of one bicycle is not more than 3 weeks.

High demand

The demand for bicycles in Holland is enormous. Despite the time of the year, weather conditions and other factors - the bicycle is the most popular means of transport.


You can give in rent bikes via private ads, and you can give in rent a park of 1000 bikes opening a shopping unit, the demand for bikes will always be high, and every day it is only growing. in numbers


years on rental marketFirst units of bike rentals appeared on the streets of Amsterdam in the distant 2012


bicycles rented Every day we give in rent more than 100 bikes on all units of bike rentals


million of gross revenueEarned during this period in total from all units of bike rentals

to business

We do our best in this sphere. What makes us different from our competitors? We are a customer-oriented company providing only high-quality services. Always the best, serviceable bikes, safety harnesses and safety equipment for cyclists.

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We give in rent only high-quality, serviceable vehicles

Safety equipment

Rent of helmets, protect knees and elbows, means for the safe operation of bikes


Each unit of bike rental has its own master, who eliminates malfunctions of your iron friend.

Simple and profitable investments

  • Create an account
  • Invest
    using any convenient way
  • Get income
    every day

Account creation will not take you more than 5 minutes.
After registration you will go to your personal account of investor, where you can invest funds using any convenient way.

Use the investment opportunity provided by with various electronic payment systems. Get income in a convenient and comfortable way.

Daily accrual of income provide dynamics and reliability of our investment offer. Quick payback of investments and dynamics of return of your investments.

Our company offers 5 investment stages of upgrade mode. It means that your income grows in proportion to the investment period.

1% per day 10-50000 USD Instantaneous payments Deposit payments Stage #1
1-10 days
1.5% per day 10-50000 USD Instantaneous payments Deposit payments Stage #2
11-20 days
2% per day 10-50000 USD Instantaneous payments Deposit payments Stage #3
21-30 days
2.5% per day 10-50000 USD Instantaneous payments Deposit payments Stage #4
31-40 days
3% per day 10-50000 USD Instantaneous payments Deposit payments Stage #5
41-70 days

your income

I invest (10-50000 USD)
I will get 70 days (including deposit)
6400.00 USD
Achieved stage
#5 /
3%per day
For period, days
  • 1 days
  • 18 days
  • 36 days
  • 53 days
  • 70 days

The deposit is included in the payments and distributed on a daily basis for the whole investment period. When you reach 160% (70 days) of income, deposit will be automatically closed


Partnership payments

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